In Theory

Theory is one of my favourite designer labels. I love almost everything in their collection. I want it all.

Tonight, I hopped onto the subway and took a gander through the Bay (my favourite department store). They have great sales right now on their clearance merchandise; everything is additional 50% off the lowest ticketed price. I always enjoy browsing through the Theory clearance racks, but no luck today.

Here are my favourites from their collection:

hannal or fine breath sweater

Duria Double Georgette Blouse Duria Striped Silk Blouse Sondray Silk Blouse Nattona Pima Cotton top Belisa Stretch Pant

Theory Belisa Priceless Pant


I’d love both of these pants for spring! What did you enjoy from Theory’s collection?


Hairy Beautiful

I never do anything special with my hair. I’m very laid back and love anything that is low maintenance. I usually roll out of bed and throw my hair into a high ponytail or a messy bun. At times, I sleep with a french braid and get up in the morning and just leave it as it is…Pathetic, I know.

I loved seeing the easy hair styles that were presented throughout Paris, London, Milan and New York’s Fashion Weeks. I will definitely be using these simple, yet elegant styles this season.

1.Ponytail Braid 2.LOW pony

3.undone dos

1. ponytail braid

2. low ponytail

3. low and loose bun

What simple hairstyles do you recommend?

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: The Outfit

To summarize this topic (1, 2, 3), I have put together the outfit I have created with the lace dress, metallic silver sandals and leather envelope clutch. Here are your two options:

Take a Walk on the Wild Side 1

Alice and Olivia white lace dress $415, Marc by Marc Jacobs Violet Flats $268 and BCBG Pink Harlow Envelope Clutch $148

Total: $831

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

American Eagle Floral Lace Dress $61.85, Forever 21 Metallic Faux Leather Sandals $17.80 and Etsy Cherry Pop Pink Envelope Purse $27.44

Total: $107.09

Splurge or save? That is the question. What would you do?

Watch It

I live very close to Bloor Street. It only takes me about five minutes to get there by subway. I love taking an hour out of my day and browsing around Holt Renfrew. I enjoy brushing my fingers over the elegant materials, trying on hats and making must-have lists in my head. Yesterday, I came across my “it” watch. I’ve never been a fan of the Michael Kors watches as I find them too big and bulky (I have small wrists). I fell in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch:

Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch


Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch $240

I tried it on and it fit perfectly; my wrists didn’t look minuscule. It comes in three colours: gold, silver and rose. I’d love all three. This will definitely be on my want list for spring and for my birthday.

Who is your favourite watch designer?

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Part 3

I love clutches. They are signature pieces and can be dressed up or dressed down. When wearing a white ensemble I think it’s best to spice it up and add a punch of colour. I’d pair the cream lace dress and silver metallic sandals with a pink envelope clutch. The envelope clutch is very classy, yet simple. Here are two of my choices:

Pink Harlow Leather Envelope Clutch BCBG

BCBG Harlow Leather Envelope Clutch $148

Cherry Pop Pink envelope Purse

Etsy Cherry Pop Pink Envelope Purse $27.44

Both options above are very similar, but have different prices. I really like the Etsy purse as it does come with a chain strap which can be worn over the shoulder. I’d wear it without the strap when wearing the lace dress, but would utilize the strap when wearing a more casual outfit. Also, check out the rest of the High & West Letters to London Collection for more leather envelope clutches in fabulous bright colours.

Etsy is a great website to find beautiful pieces of art, clothing, home decor and much more. I love the variety of options available and the great prices. This website should be at the top of your list of online shopping.

A Spring in Your Step

Welcome to the blonde scientist! Spring is fast approaching and I want to be prepared for a new season of phenomenal fashion, food and fun. You can always tell when a new season is on it’s way because Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street always updates their windows accordingly. Here’s a look at their wonderful windows (one of my favourite attractions on Bloor Street):


_MG_0074 _MG_0075 _MG_0070

Looking forward to sharing things that truly inspire and define me, as well as receiving feedback from my readers!


(apologies for the quality of photos…those were taken yesterday in the evening)

London Calling

There is something about the British that I love. Is it their classic trench coats or British accents? Maybe both. I hope to visit this summer. My boyfriend’s father lives in London so we’re hoping to make a trip if time and money permits. Here are my favourites from London’s Fashion Week for Spring 2013:

1.Preen Spring 2013  2. Burberry Spring 2013

3.Mulberry Spring 2013

1. Preen

2. Burberry

3. Mulberry

What will you add to your Spring 2013 wardrobe?

When in Milan

Italy is another city to add to my list of travel wishes. When I think of Italy, the first thought that comes to mind are two of my favourite episodes of I Love Lucy: Lucy’s Italian Movie, where she stomps grapes with comical facial expressions and   The Black Wig, where she craves an Italian hairstyle after seeing an Italian film. In both of those episodes you can’t help but love Italian fashion. Here are my favourites from Milan’s Fashion Week for Spring 2013:

1.Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 2.Giorgio Armani Spring 2013

3.Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 4.Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013

5.Marni Spring 2013 6.Moschino Spring 2013 1

1. Giorgio Armani

2. Giorgio Armani

3. Giorgio Armani

4. Dolce & Gabbana

5. Marni

6. Moschino

What will you add to your Spring 2013 collection?

Queen of New York

I’ve dreamed of visiting New York since I was a little girl. I fell in love with Broadway musicals and photos of Central Park at a young age and later became an enormous fan of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. I’ve always loved browsing through magazines and looking at the New York City street styles and this year I especially enjoyed looking at the Spring 2013 Runway Collections. Here are some of my favourites:

1.Calvin Klein 2.DKNY

3.Michale Kors Spring 2013

1. Calvin Klein


3. Michael Kors

What were your favourites for Spring from New York Fashion Week?

Minute in Paris

I can’t wait to one day visit Paris. I’m a romantic and I always think of Paris as the city of love. I can picture myself riding a vintage bicycle with a flowy dress, floppy hat and strappy sandals, on my way to a unique cafe to enjoy a coffee and delicate pastries. For now, I’ll just enjoy the Spring 2013 collections from Fashion Week in Paris. Here are some of my favourites from the Harper’s Bazaar website:

1.Valentino Spring 2013 2 2.Chanel Spring 2013 1

3.Saint Laurent Spring 2013 1 4.Nina Ricci Spring 2013 1

5.Saint Laurent Spring 2013 2 6.Valentino Spring 2013 1

1. Valentino

2. Chanel

3. Saint Laurent

4. Nina Ricci

5. Saint Laurent

6. Valentino

What were your favourite pieces for Spring 2013 from London’s Fashion Week?