Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Part 3

I love clutches. They are signature pieces and can be dressed up or dressed down. When wearing a white ensemble I think it’s best to spice it up and add a punch of colour. I’d pair the cream lace dress and silver metallic sandals with a pink envelope clutch. The envelope clutch is very classy, yet simple. Here are two of my choices:

Pink Harlow Leather Envelope Clutch BCBG

BCBG Harlow Leather Envelope Clutch $148

Cherry Pop Pink envelope Purse

Etsy Cherry Pop Pink Envelope Purse $27.44

Both options above are very similar, but have different prices. I really like the Etsy purse as it does come with a chain strap which can be worn over the shoulder. I’d wear it without the strap when wearing the lace dress, but would utilize the strap when wearing a more casual outfit. Also, check out the rest of the High & West Letters to London Collection for more leather envelope clutches in fabulous bright colours.

Etsy is a great website to find beautiful pieces of art, clothing, home decor and much more. I love the variety of options available and the great prices. This website should be at the top of your list of online shopping.


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