As much as I love Theory (as previously stated here), I’m also a huge fan of Vince. I fell in love with their classy and comfortable image and quality. I only own a few pieces of theirs, but if I won the lottery you’d see me raiding the racks at the Bay and gathering as much Vince clothing as I could possible afford.

Let’s pretend I won the lottery…here are my favourites for spring:

Alexa Two-Tone Sandal Lara Leather Sandal Leather Drop-Flare Skirt Leather Jogging Pants Sheer Back Silk Tunic Trench Coat V-Neck Sweater Vince Drape- Neck Silk BlouseGraffiti Print Silk DressGeometric Print Mandarin Shirt

I’m not a dress person. I rarely wear dresses, but I am in love with this Graffiti Print Silk Dress.

What are your favourites from Vince for this spring?


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