Step into Spring

I have quite the shoe collection. From sandals to running shoes I own about 50 pairs. I have already made my first wish list for the spring/summer shoe season. There is still snow on the ground in Toronto, but I’m hoping the warmer weather is right around the corner..

dolce vita Gull Leather Smoking Slippers

Dolce Vita Gull Leather Smoking Slipper $100
Michael Kors Dami Wedge $128

Michael by Michael Kors Dami Wedge

 Rosegold Live Wooden Wedge 

Rosegold Live Wooden Wedge $138

Sam Edelman Sutton Wedge

Sam Edelman Sutton Wedge $150

 Senso Sadie Leather Sandal

Senso Sadie $175

 Toms CMONT Suede Wedge

Toms CMONT Suede Wedge $99

 Toms Swedge

Toms Swedge (burlap straps) $80

What’s on your shoe wish list for spring?


3 thoughts on “Step into Spring

  1. I know what you are saying about (hopefully!) spring being right around the corner… I have been online looking for spring stuff too… I cannot WAIT for warmer weather and longer evenings!! I would love thos Tom’s Swedge shoes… they look so comfortable and classy. could use with jeans or a skirt…

    • I love those Toms Swedge wedges as well! If I do purchase them, I hope they’re as comfortable as the Toms Classics. I’d most likely wear them with jeans…but they’d look great with a skirt or a flowy dress too! I don’t wear a lot of dresses or skirts, but maybe this will be the year I decide to refresh my style! Let’s keep our fingers crossed in hoping that warm weather is on it’s way. 🙂

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