Nailed It

I got my first manicure professionally done when I was about 13, where my mum treated me to a french manicure in Yorkville, but since then I’ve rarely gone in to get one done. I played a lot of sports growing up in high school and throughout university, so it’s been difficult to keep my nails perfect. I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to perfection and I hate when my nails are chipped. I prefer very pale and neutral colours on my fingernails, as I do not like attracting attention to my small, chubby hands. As a young adult, I prefer saving at least $15, and do my nails on my own in the comfort of my home.

These are my must-have colours appropriate for every season (I’m not the type of person who wears specific colours for each season):

Essie fiji

essie, fiji

essie like linen

essie, like linen

 essie vanity fairest

essie, vanity fairest

I know I said I prefer shades that I can wear throughout the year, but I can’t wait to purchase these and try them out for spring/summer. These are from the new spring collection for essie:

Essie Go Ginza

essie, go ginza

Essie maximillian strasse-her

essie, maximillian strasse-her

(maximillian strasse-her is a beautiful light-grey/green shade that reminds me of pistachio macaroons)

I’m a big fan of essie products and love the little bottles they come in.

What are your favourites from essie, or do you prefer using other brands?


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