It’s Floppy

Marilyn Monroe was extremely beautiful and inspiring and her style was glamorous, yet timeless. In high school I took a photography course that involved learning how to manipulate photos and edit them. I chose this photo of Marilyn Monroe and input my face where hers was. I’m too embarrassed to share it with you now, but will in time. My mother still laughs every time she sees that photo of Marilyn, as it reminds her of my high school photo project and my hilarious facial expression.

The Spring 2013 runway shows displayed a lot of floppy hats and they reminded me of this photo of Marilyn:

Marilyn Monroe


Doesn’t she look stunning and simply elegant?


I’ve always been a fan of hats and they look quite good on me (or at least I think they do). I hope to recreate this photo when I purchase a floppy hat of my own.

My next purchase:

American Apparel Black Wool Floppy Hat

American Apparel Floppy Wool Hat, $55

(It comes in many different colours!)

Anyone know of any other places where I could get a floppy hat for a reasonable price?


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