Om a Yogi: Part Two

I started Moksha Yoga just over a year ago. I wasn’t prepared for my first class as I didn’t know what was necessary to bring. I go to Moksha Yoga Danforth; the best yoga studio in Toronto (in my opinion). It’s an extremely clean facility with a comfortable and friendly community vibe. The instructors are very helpful and are always available in answering any questions you may have. Their website is great and provides thorough information on what to bring to a class, here.

Here is what I bring to my hot yoga classes:

Cheap Yoga Gear

  1. Pur Athletics Yoga Mat, $19.98
  2. Stainless Steel Leaf Water Bottle, $9.99
  3. Zenzation Athletics Hot Yoga Towel, $24.98

Total: $54.95



  1. Lululemon The Pure Mat, $68
  2. Lululemon Pure Balance Water Bottle, $28
  3. Lululemon The Towel Mat, $58 (you can actually just use The Towel Mat alone, instead of having to use both the Pure Mat with The Towel Mat on top)

Total: $154

*I highly recommend bringing a towel to wipe off your sweat during and after class. You can find some here.

Would you splurge or save when buying yoga gear?


One thought on “Om a Yogi: Part Two

  1. it’s nice to splurge sometimes, especially if you work out a lot, it’s a reward in itself to get some nice yoga tops, shorts and accessories 🙂

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