W2W: A Rainy Day (Part One)

I slept in this morning hitting the snooze button several times (snooze buttons shouldn’t exist or I need to put my alarm clock on the other side of my room). It was very gloomy and rainy outside, but I always love dressing for rainy weather. I look forward to pulling out my Hunter boots, stripes (the one and only Hudson’s Bay umbrella) and a cozy sweater. Here’s what I’d wear on a rainy day:



  1. Forever 21, Ripstop Trench Coat, $29.80
  2. B2, Rain Boots, $58.98*
  3. IRain, Classic White Umbrella, $25.00

Total: $113.78

*These boots are on sale now!!



  1. J. Crew, Collection Icon Trench, $344.00
  2. Hunter, Original Tour Rain Boots, $160.00
  3. Hudson’s Bay Company Collection, Walking Stick Umbrella, $35.00

Total: $539.00

I haven’t found a trench coat yet, but I love wearing Hunter boots and twirling my Hudson’s Bay Company Collection umbrella on a rainy day.

Classic black rain boots are always a great addition to your rainy day outfit, but to brighten up your day, you may want to choose a colourful pair. I have a silver metallic pair of rain boots from Hunter (I snagged  them on clearance from Holt Renfrew Last Call 5 years ago for $60!).

What colour are your rain boots?


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