Snow More

Spring does not appear to be on its way here in Toronto. I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of my pjs and feeling miserable because it was so dark and cold outside. The minute I got home today, I threw on my J. Crew checkered pyjama set (similar to this), robe and warm socks and ducked under the covers in my bedroom with my laptop. A perfect night to watch it snow, and some of my favourite episodes of Sex and the City.


Healthy movie/TV time snack.

Carrie Bradshaw White Dress

One of my favourite episodes. I love this dress on her. I’d love one for myself.

Sex and the City Carries Halston Dress

Yes, the second movie wasn’t amazing, but the fashion was superb. After seeing this movie, I fell for the Halston Heritage label. I purchased the same dress SJP wore in the movie here and many other fabulous finds that I’ll be posting in the warmer months.

Photos from here and here.

What do you do when having the Monday blues?


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