Comfy Catnap

Sleeping is one of my favourite things to do. I adore sleeping in and lounging around the house in my pjs, reading magazines, novels or watching movies. I probably own over 20 pairs of pyjamas, but always resort to my three favourites: these checkered J. Crew pyjamas, this Juicy Couture nightgown and the good old t-shirt with boxers combo. Here are some great finds that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection:Comfy Catnap

  1. Banjo & Matilda, Cashmere Pyjama set, $220
  2. Liberty, Short-sleeve Pyjama Set in June’s Meadow Floral, $222
  3. Bodas, Silk-satin Pyjama Set, $300
  4. J. Crew, Vintage Short-sleeve Pyjama Set, $102
  5. Ugg, Dakota Women’s Slippers, $100
  6. Arlotta, Cashmere Eye-mask, $35
  7. Ugg, Scuffette II Chestnut Slipper, $125
  8. Tory Burch, Deanna PJ Set, $155
  9. J. Crew, Vintage Short-sleeve Pyjama Set, $102


J. Crew’s pyjamas are so comfortable and breathable. I love the pretty patterns and different styles (short sleeve vs. long sleeve) available. If you don’t wish to splurge on these, wait until the end of April, as the back of J. Crew stores fill up with sale items and are often additional 30% off the lowest ticketed price. I scored my J. Crew checkered set on sale on boxing day for $25.

What’s your pyjama style?


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