Seven Days of Blogging

Seven Days of Blogging
This month I will be trying something new. I’ve come up with seven topics to cover on a weekly basis:
Must-Have Mondays– from fashion, to beauty, to home decor; I will post several items that I’d love to purchase if I had unlimited funds.
Tasty Tuesdays– I love easy and healthy recipes as well as desserts. Each week I’ll post a breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe (and/or a dessert).
W2W Wednesdays– one outfit, two prices. Send me an email if you’d like me to cover a what to wear post on a certain event or occasion.
Thirsty Thursdays– juices, smoothies, cocktails; a weekly recipe involving the use of a juicer, blender or martini shaker.
Fit Fridays– opening your eyes to a new fitness class, fun fitness activity, yoga pose, stretching..etc
Simple Saturdays– the shortest post of the week (because it’s Saturday)
Lucky Seven Sundays– 7 days in a week= 7 photos to feature on Sunday
I hope you enjoy this months blog topics, and expect to see these on a weekly basis. I will be posting additional topics as well, but at random.
Here’s to a new month and to warmer weather this April!
*all photos from Polyvore

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