In the Bag

My birthday is just 9 days away. I’ve always dreamed of owning a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag and am prepared to treat myself to one as a birthday gift to myself. I wear a lot of black clothing and find that the majority of my designer bags are black as well. I do love a pop of colour, but want the perfect Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in black so that I can wear it with everything. I will most likely wear it on my way out of the store. Here are some of my favourites and some additional finds from Marc Jacobs that I’d also love for my birthday:
In the Bag
1. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Classic Q Isabelle Bag, $240
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hillier Hobo Leather Bag, $510
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Striped Calf Hair Flats, $910
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Too Hot to Handle Mini Drawstring Bag, $200
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Preppy Leather Camera Bag, $305
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Zebra Acetate Key Fob, $69
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shorty Ballerinas, $250
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Classic Q Natasha, $375
9. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Classic Q Lil Ukita Bag, $490
I absolutely adore the striped calf hair flats as they’d look great with cropped black pants or with jeans. I also love the shorty ballerinas as I’m a little obsessed with any type of bulldog (French or English).
*P.S. I’m a 7 1/2 in shoes*
Here’s hoping I find my ‘it’ Marc Jacobs bag for my birthday.
What’s your favourite Marc Jacobs bag?

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