Swimming, swimming, in my swimming pool…

…when days are hot, and days are cold in my swimming pool…definitely a favourite tune from my childhood.
I was a swimmer from grade 7-12. I remember those early 6 am wake-ups to get to the pool before 7 for warmup. I was in the greatest shape of my life.
Bathing suit season is in the near future and I want to feel confident in a two piece. Like many, I have always struggled a little with my weight. I’ve never been comfortable in a two piece, so this year I’m determined to fix that. Swimming is  a great way to workout your entire body. I recently read an article online here, about the benefits of swimming and a swim plan.
In the spirit of fashion, here are some sleek one-piece swimsuits for a great workout when hitting the pool:Swimming, swimming, in My Swimming Pool...1. Nike, Poly Core Performance Cutout Women’s Tank Swimsuit, $71
4. Adidas by Stella McCartney, Printed Mesh-Paneled Cutout Swimsuit, $120
6. Adidas, Solid V-Back Swimsuit, $71
Swimming Accessories 
Emporio Armani, EA7 Swim Cap, $56
Speedo, Swim Goggles, $16
Speedo, Swim Cap, $9.20

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