Blue Moon

Blue Moon
Marella, Teano Long Dress Coat, $410 / Topshop, Petit Sequin Bandeau Dress, $200 / Givenchy, Padded Antigonia Clutch in Black, $1305 / Christian Louboutin, Decollete 100 Patent-Leather Pumps, $625
I’m a sucker for sequins. I saw this dress at Topshop and I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was the perfect length and cut for my body type and the perfect colour to bring out my eyes and complement my hair. This is my dream outfit. I still dream of owning a pair of black Louboutin pumps (as do most women), but I want to purchase this dress now. I have nowhere to wear it at the moment, so, some thought must go into that first. For now, let’s just enjoy the look of this ensemble and help convince me that I have numerous occasions to wear this dress so I can justify the purchase.

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