Lucky Seven


Beautiful day outside on the deck at the spa.

On Tuesday (April 9th), it was my birthday and my mother treated me to a day at Ste. Anne’s Spa. It was the most relaxing day I’d had in a long time and it was also my first ever spa day. The facility was spectacular and the food was tasty, locally grown and beautifully presented. I had an aroma stone massage in the morning, followed by some lounging and tea drinking, a lovely lunch, time spent in the eucalyptus steam room and then outside in the hot tub. We ended our day with a yoga class, a quick steam and afternoon tea. If you live in Ontario and are looking for a day away from your busy lives, check out Ste. Anne’s Spa. You will feel like you’re in a small European town.

Here are some photos from my perfect day:


The view isn’t as spectacular this spring as it usually is by now, but April showers will bring May flowers (and greener trees and grass).


Ordering lunch. Feeling extremely relaxed. 

image copy

Savoy cabbage and quinoa salad as an appetizer. Delicious. 

image-1 copy

Main course for lunch.

image-3 copy

It was my birthday, so St. Anne’s spa surprised me with a candle on my flour-less chocolate cake slice. 


Afternoon tea time. I drank over 5 types of teas throughout the day.


Leaving the spa feeling absolutely fabulous. My hair was so soft and smelled wonderful, my skin was shining and my body felt like jelly. 

My Lucky Seven posts usually consist of 7 photos from seven different days, but I couldn’t help but add one more and make this post about the best birthday I’ve had yet. I have the best mother in the world and the most supporting family.


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