The Secret is Out

The Secret is Out
Last night I attended a cultural event in support of my godmother who was conducting the choir that performed. I’ve attended these events since I was born and I’ve always loved seeing what people wear and what their personal styles are. I ended up wearing straight black dress pants, a leopard print blouse, a black cropped  blazer and my new nude Kate Spade Leslie pumps. Here’s the problem, when I wear new shoes I always get blisters and my feet swell. Last night, I fixed that problem. One of my mother’s friends recommended rubbing deodorant all over my feet (especially where I often get blisters) before I put my shoes on. Guess what, it worked! Not only did my feet smell wonderful (aw yeah, bonus!), but I had no blisters or swelling. If you do try this, please let me know how it goes for you!
You can check out my Polyvore profile to find out more about the deodorant I’ve pictured here.

3 thoughts on “The Secret is Out

  1. Wow.. I’ve always just put on bandaids with shoes that gave me blisters. I’ve never thought to use deodorant!! Does any deodorant work or does it have to be a specific kind?? New follower here..=)

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