Dreams be Dreams…

Dreams be Dreams...
Spring has finally arrived and so have the April showers. I’m dreaming of spring cashmere paired with boyfriend jeans, nude and lucite heels, pale silks (particularly from Equipment) and Tory Burch tunics. I’m still crazy about animal print and what better way to add a bit of oomph to your outfit than with a silk cheetah scarf? I’m also loving peonies with roses and they’re definitely rocking my side table (real, not silk ones). I’m still obsessed with golden skulls, perhaps because they are similar to my favourite clutch by Alexander McQueen (like this, this and this one). I cannot wait to start wearing more spring clothing and to finally get some colour on this  pale, pale skin of mine.
What are you dreaming of this spring?
Oooo I’m also dreaming of THIS perfect clutch…it might be my favourite.

3 thoughts on “Dreams be Dreams…

  1. Hey Dear… Just to let you know that every time I receive an email telling me you have a post up and I click on it… I never get to the post and almost always get this error:

    “Hi there. You seem to be lost.
    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Perhaps it was there but now it’s gone. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?”

    Maybe you have got some problem with your wordpress or something…

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