Pink Lady

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Friday at the fruit market I overheard a little boy begging his mum to buy him a pink lady. He so badly wanted the delicious and sweet pink lady apple that I couldn’t help but giggle. I couldn’t stop smiling as it was such a sweet conversation to overhear.
Pink didn’t used to be my colour. I used to hate wearing pink as I thought it was too girly and feminine for my look. This year that has really changed, as I’ve become quite the fan of this colour thanks to Kate Spade. She has wonderful and playful pieces that are very feminine but flattering for even a lady with a boy body like myself.
I recently purchased the planner above and love every section of it. It’s a very creative and fun way to keep organized and a great (and colourful) way to keep motivated. I’m also loving the Keds which Kate Spade has designed with Keds and can’t wait to try on a pair!
What’s your ‘pink’spiration?

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