You’re an Animal…

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Every time my mother and I go shopping we are immediately attracted to animal print. I own quite a few pieces, from shoes to shirts. Animal print, especially cheetah print, always boosts my confidence and makes me feel fierce and unstoppable. It’s a timeless print that has been in style for decades. At times, I find myself borrowing pieces from my grandmother (a very classy lady) and I just can’t get enough of it.
What’s your favourite way to wear animal print? Mine is definitely wearing a cheetah printed blouse or cardigan with leather pants or black dress trousers!
My dream animal print piece would be a cheetah print cashmere sweater….or even better, cheetah pajamas…in cashmere. Comfortable, classy and the perfect way to be stylish while lounging around the house.  How’s that for a must-have Monday item?

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