Affordable Living

Affordable Living
This December (yes, I know it’s a ways away), I’m moving into a new place and I can’t wait to redecorate! I’ve already planned out what I want for my living room, dining room and kitchen (more in the way of pots and pans). I like to think that one’s living space defines them. It’s like judging a book by its cover, and you want that cover to be fabulous. I like to think my living space will manifest a classy and sophisticated vibe, read: smart. My living room will be very simple and the space will never be cluttered. I also plan on making my own portrait wall with my black and white photos, similar to this (I do kind of love the idea of using magazine covers).
I’m on a budget for furniture, but want quality. I’ve chosen pieces from affordable furniture stores in Toronto, but pieces that are good quality as well. I’ll save money buying frames from art stores when they’re on sale and by taking my own black and white prints. I’ve also decided to start purchasing pieces now instead of all at once. Since I have so much time until the move, I’ll be able to scout out furniture sales and look for similar pieces for less.
I’d love your input. If you know of good quality furniture for less (in Toronto) please do let me know! I will be posting my kitchen and dining room visions with you later this week!

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