W2W: to an Event With the Ex

Last Saturday I attended an event that my ex was supposed to attend. I don’t know about you, but these types of occasions always make me extremely nervous and at times, feel physically ill. I decided to suck it up, look fabulous and have one hell of a pre-drink (right?!). As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I feel unstoppable and confident when wearing cheetah, so why not work with what makes me feel like I’m a  star. I decided on my Donna Karan straight black high-waisted dress pants, a cheetah sleeveless blouse and my black leather jacket. I wish I’d have worn my black pointed pumps, but instead wore my new nude Kate Spade  pumps. I felt hot and confident and strutted in there (after a few cocktails) with my head up high and had a wonderful time. Funny thing is…my ex didn’t show. I can’t decide if my outfit was the reason I felt fantastic, the fact that my ex was a no show, or if it was the 3 or 4 cocktails I had before heading out to the event. In the end it doesn’t matter; it was a superb evening with well dressed friends and delicious cocktails and I looked and felt fabulous! Next time when I know he will be there for sure, I will wear a very similar outfit and strut my stuff!W2W: to Look Confident and Unstoppable
Fashion Union, Animal Sleeveless Zip Blouse, $19
H&M, Court Shoes, $47
Red Herring, Mock Croc Box Clutch Bag, $45
Total: $226
Equipment, Leopard Print Blouse, $380
Alexander Wang, Crepe-satin Tapered Trousers, $360
Christian Louboutin, Batignolles 120 Patent Leather Pumps, $640
Alexander McQueen, Black Two-Tone Twin Skull Clutch, $1450
Total: $3645
What’s your go-to look that boosts your confidence?

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