That is the Question

That is the Question
I spotted this wonderful pattern at Topshop when I was in New York City exploring Soho. I immediately fell for the rainforest feel and style. I loved the shorts with the scalloped hem and the structured top, but then, I spotted the playsuit. I’m a big fan of playsuits/jumpsuits and rompers. You don’t really have to think about what to wear as it’s a one piece. These past two (very warm) days in Toronto, I’ve been rocking my Topshop (similar to this, but with a light floral pattern) and Urban Outfitters (so old, I can’t even find one that is similar) rompers and I haven’t had to stress about planning an outfit. The only major problem is that you need to take your whole outfit down to use the bathroom (not fun). My question to you is, would you rather, a playsuit or a shirt-short combo with this fabulous pattern? I’d love your thoughts as I’m trying to decide which to purchase!

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