Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I know many of you out there think you have the best mum, but mine is by far the best one out there. Mother’s Day is always a great way to show your mum or that special lady figure in your life how much you love them, but shouldn’t that be every day?
I’ve put together a few gift ideas for you. I’m going to try and combine all of the above and make one very special gift/day for my mum. This Mother’s Day my mum, grandmother and I will be at our summer home, and I plan to make it a very special day. I hope to start off the day with a delicious breakfast (made by me of course) of warm and buttery scones, fresh fruit and homemade jams with freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne and a vase of farm fresh flowers. I have already made a card (homemade using my paper art skills) for both my mother and grandmother as they’ve both supported and loved me unconditionally over the years. I hope they both sit back and relax while I provide them with tea in the garden and some light snacks; I may even hand them a throw to cuddle up in if it’s cool outside. Lunch and dinner will of course be made by yours truly and will consist of new recipes from these two (1, 2) cookbooks. I’ve also decided to get my mum movie passes so that we both can go and see The Great Gatsby together (we’ve both already read the book and my grandmother has already seen the Robert Redford version). I hope the day will conclude with some homemade cookies, tea and flipping through an album I made for my mum of our trip to NYC.
What are your plans for Mother’s Day?
The majority of gifts in this post are from Indigo, but this is not sponsored by them. I love their products and it’s a great place to shop for gifts for your mum or that special lady in your life. 

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