W2W: to a Small Theatre Production

W2W: to a Small Theatre Production

Tonight I’m meeting up with a close friend for dinner and drinks and then going to see Race (starring the dreamy Jason Priestley). I always struggle with what to wear to a theatre production as I usually feel extremely overdressed. … Continue reading

W2W: to Toronto WMCFW

W2W: to Toronto WMCFW

As most of you may know, World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto started yesterday. I do not have the opportunity to attend this year, but am looking forward to reading the reviews from fellow bloggers. If I were to attend, … Continue reading

W2W: A Rainy Day (Part Two)

Rainy days always emanate a comfortable and cozy vibe. Waking up this morning was difficult, but it was one of those days where wearing leggings or jean leggings and a long cozy sweater was appropriate.

Here is what I like to wear on cool, rainy days:

Cheaper option

  1. H&M, Jumper, $22.95
  2. H&M, Blouse, $14.95
  3. Forever 21 Zippered Leg Skinny Jean, $27.80

Total: $65.70

More Expensive

  1. J. Crew Collection, Cashmere Plaited Sweatshirt, $188.99
  2. Topshop White Shirt, $40.00
  3. Hudson Jeans, Nico Mid-Rise Skinny, $154

Total: $382.99

When wearing a cozy jumper/sweater, I like to pair it with a crisp white shirt left untucked as it provides a relaxed look. I usually wear a darker coloured sweater, but to brighten up a gloomy day, I might wear a lighter colour (mint green, blush pink, tiffany blue).

I also love wearing leggings. I usually use this same look, but instead of wearing jeans, I wear these.

What’s your rainy day outfit?

W2W: A Rainy Day (Part One)

I slept in this morning hitting the snooze button several times (snooze buttons shouldn’t exist or I need to put my alarm clock on the other side of my room). It was very gloomy and rainy outside, but I always love dressing for rainy weather. I look forward to pulling out my Hunter boots, stripes (the one and only Hudson’s Bay umbrella) and a cozy sweater. Here’s what I’d wear on a rainy day:



  1. Forever 21, Ripstop Trench Coat, $29.80
  2. B2, Rain Boots, $58.98*
  3. IRain, Classic White Umbrella, $25.00

Total: $113.78

*These boots are on sale now!!



  1. J. Crew, Collection Icon Trench, $344.00
  2. Hunter, Original Tour Rain Boots, $160.00
  3. Hudson’s Bay Company Collection, Walking Stick Umbrella, $35.00

Total: $539.00

I haven’t found a trench coat yet, but I love wearing Hunter boots and twirling my Hudson’s Bay Company Collection umbrella on a rainy day.

Classic black rain boots are always a great addition to your rainy day outfit, but to brighten up your day, you may want to choose a colourful pair. I have a silver metallic pair of rain boots from Hunter (I snagged  them on clearance from Holt Renfrew Last Call 5 years ago for $60!).

What colour are your rain boots?

W2W: to a Gallery Opening

I’ve decided I’m going to start a series of blog posts with the title W2W (what to wear). I’ll select two different outfit options with two prices (high and low) for each post.


This weekend, I’m attending a gallery opening for a three day event. I’m actually the curator for the event, so I want to look my best as I represent the work I have done in organizing and setting up the gallery, as well as being one of many artists displaying art. I’m unsure of what to wear, so maybe you can help me decide between my two options. Here they are:

Option 1

Forever 21 Cheap Dress option

  1. Forever 21 Black V-Back Sheath Dress, $33.80
  2. Nine West Martina, $115.00

Total: $148.80

Expensive Dress Option

  1. Halston Heritage Ponte V-Neck Dress, $404.91
  2. Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Leather Pump, $566.87

Total: $971.78

Little black dresses are always a must-have in every closet. I own many black dresses and I have one similar to both of the ones I’ve chosen here. I got mine a few years ago from Aritzia. It’s the same length as the Forever 21 one I’ve shown here, but it’s got a lovely deep V in the front, like the Halston Heritage one. I’d pair it with pointy-toed pumps and some vintage gold jewelry.

Option 2

Cheap pant

  1. Forever 21 Standup Collar Chiffon Shirt, $21.80
  2. Nine West Martina, $115.00
  3. Forever 21 Tuxedo Stripe Trousers, $27.80

Total: $164.60

Expensive Pant Outfit

  1. Vince Zippered Placket Blouse, $307.73
  2. Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Leather Pump, $566.87
  3. Joseph Chain Detail Legging Pant, $480.49

Total: $1355.19

A crisp, white shirt tucked into straight-leg, black pants is always a classy go-to look. It’s simple and looks fabulous when paired with some gold jewelry and high heeled pointed-toe pumps. Last week, I purchased a crisp, white Michael Kors blouse for $35 on sale at a little boutique on the Danforth, and black Zara legging pants from the Zara at Yorkdale. I’m still undecided, but I might wear my new purchases with an old pair of pumps or closed-toe black wedges.

I feel that when attending a gallery event, the main focus should be the art and not a vibrant outfit. An outfit for a gallery event should be classy and simple and not the main attraction of the event, which is why I strongly encourage a black and white ensemble (or sticking to a neutral palette).

What should I wear to my gallery event tomorrow: a LBD with black pumps or a crisp, white shirt with straight-leg pants and black pumps?

What would you wear to a semi-formal gallery opening?