Tabula Rasa

New Year, New Me
tabula rasa [tabyuhluh rahsuh]: noun. clean slate (Latin)
Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a little late and I’ve been quite absent on my blog, but I’m back.
Every January 1st, many are categorized as “resolutioners”…you know who you are. January becomes that crazy month where at the gym,  fitness classes are  overfilled, grocery store lists include only healthy choices and winter running becomes more popular (props to those who keep it up all winter). February comes along and many get lost in work or other commitments and gym/healthy eating plans dwindle away. This year, I’ve decided to take a different approach and focus on self love. I don’t have any resolutions about losing ten pounds, getting a six pack or finding a man, but rather focusing on a healthy, more confident and happy me. I’m going to try and eat clean as much as possible, keep hydrated and active and spend as much time with ‘real’ people as possible. I’ve  come to realize that I’d rather quality over quantity when it comes to friends.
If I had to give you three resolutions for myself for this year, they would be as follows:
1. flossing everyday
2. making my bed on a daily basis
3. drinking 8 glasses of water per day
Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon. I’m looking to add new weekly segments on clean and healthy eating, fitness and motivation and continue on with my favourite fashion posts.
Here’s to a new year and a fresh start!

NYC Here I Come

NYC Here I Come
I leave for NYC next Friday. I’m ecstatic. My mum surprised me on my birthday with a mother-daughter getaway to NYC for three days. I was so happy and surprised I cried while reading the card, while my family was singing happy birthday to me and when saying thank you to my mum. I really do have the best mother anyone could ask for. My mum has already booked our hotel, rented bikes to ride through Central Park and booked a limousine (I’ll feel like I’m Chuck Bass) to drive us back to the airport on Sunday. We’ve started to plan our trip and have come up with our top ten list of things we’d like to do and see. I think the one thing I want to do most is see Central Park; I’ve dreamed of walking through the grounds since I was much younger and feeding the birds (like Blair Waldorf).
Where are some places you’d recommend I check out?

The Artist

Last weekend, I hosted a gallery opening. We had over 17 artists from ages 15-35 and a smaller group of artists from 40-60. It’s amazing to see how many creative people there are in my community and how passionate and talented young adults are.

Earlier, I had posted about different outfit options here. I chose to wear my Talula Babaton black dress with a low V-neck, laced tights and these Boutique9 heels. The event was a success and to my surprise, one of my art pieces won first place for the People’s Choice vote.

Here are some photos I took from the event:







(this piece, made from clay, was made by a 15 year old girl!)


Made from the same artist that created Headache




Roadblocks in Life and The Owl

Two of my pieces.

The Owl, won first place for People’s Choice. I created it from hand painted tissue papers which were cut up into small triangles and other various shapes.

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Lucky Seven

I wanted to share something beautiful and simple with all of you each day, but instead, I’ve decided to give you a weekly post with 7 photos (one for each day).

art project

Last weekend I attended The Artist Project. Amazing art show.

Holts deco

The spectacular decorations at Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street. They definitely make you want to ride the elevator up and down more often.


Nothing beats a live concert. Phenomenal show at Caplansky’s Deli on Friday night. The Strumbellas just got nominated for a Juno! Check them out!

tabula rasa purchase

My new earrings from Tabula Rasa (my favourite boutique on Broadview Avenue). You can now shop online at their website here.

tea at my fave

Quiet afternoon at Broadview Espresso. Tea and a little bit of fashion. Funny story, this cafe used to be a porn shop.

the bay display

Display at the Bay on Queen Street (I prefer the Queen Street store over any of the other ones). I’m loving the floral print of this skirt.

art in progress

My little art project. I will post the final photo next weekend, where it will be displayed at a gallery event.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!