White Out!

White Out!

White is definitely my #1 choice for spring/summer. It’s refreshing and crisp and screams clean. In the warmer months I’m often found wearing white jeans or shorts with white tanks. I find it makes my usually pale skin look a … Continue reading

Looking for Leather

I’ve been looking for the perfect leather skirt for ages. I love the leather look and want to add a skirt, pants and shorts to my collection. I already own a gorgeous brown leather jacket, but who doesn’t want a black one too? I’m still on the hunt for these items, but here are some of my favourite styles:
 Looking for Leather
  1. Muubaa, Laser-cut short, $300
  2. J-Brand, RTW Black Leather Pants, $1400
  3. Burberry Brit, Leather Biker Jacket, $1690
  4. Madewell, Shrunken Leather Bomber, $605
  5. Miss Selfridge, Black Leather Skater, $100
  6. A.L.C., Leather Swing Skirt, $855
  7. Alexander McQueen, Leather Classic Skull Box Clutch, $1525
  8. Diane von Furstenburg, Leather Pants, $465

I’ve become a huge fan of the Alexander McQueen Skull Box Clutch. I loved it when I saw and posted about it, here, and am now looking to find one similar, but for a lesser price (of course).

What leather piece are you looking to add to your spring/summer collection?

Winter Warm

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that warm weather is around the corner. Winter used to be my favourite season. That is no longer the case. This past winter has been cold, snowy and slushy and I just can’t wait to be able to wear a lighter jacket and shed some layers of clothing. I guess that’s what you get for living in Canada. I really shouldn’t complain, as it wasn’t as cold here in Toronto as it was in other parts of Canada.

However, I have mastered how to stay warm in the cold winter months. Here is my must-have list to keep warm in the winter:

1. Ugg Boots

2. Women's Ugg Logo Mitten

3. Canada Goose Aviator Hat        4. Canada Goose Jacket

5. Hudson's Bay Company Multistripe Point Blanket


6. Burberry Scarf


  1. Ugg Boots. I’d been planning for a few years to buy these as they are lined with sheepskin and are waterproof. I only bought them this year (in black) and they’re wonderful. They look somewhat stylish with jeans and keep my feet nice and toasty.
  2. Ugg Mittens. I don’t actually own these, but every year I purchase sheepskin mittens from a fur coat store as they are much less expensive (usually up to $40). They keep your hands very warm, which also aids in preventing dry skin.
  3. Canada Goose Aviator Hat. My mum bought this for me (in black) as a gift from British Columbia when she was away on business. I look like I’m going to the North Pole when wearing it, but it sure does keep you very warm.
  4. Canada Goose Jacket. I bought my jacket almost 8 years ago. It looks nothing like the ones you get today, but it is the warmest jacket I have ever owned. I highly recommend it and it is definitely worth its steep price.
  5. Hudson’s Bay Blanket. When I get home from the cold outdoors I put on these and cuddle up under this signature blanket. I got mine from my grandmother. She had bought it years ago for a similar price. It’s amazing that they are extremely popular now. You can find them here.
  6. Burberry Scarf. I don’t own a Burberry scarf, but it is on my wish-list for the day that I win the lottery. I alternated between three scarves this winter: a Ralph Lauren red and black checkered wool scarf and two Cashmink scarves (one grey and the other forest green and black).

My feet are always cold so I wear wool socks throughout the winter months. I am too embarrassed to display a photo of them, but highly recommend wearing any style of wool sock in the winter.

What are your must-haves that keep you warm in the winter?

London Calling

There is something about the British that I love. Is it their classic trench coats or British accents? Maybe both. I hope to visit this summer. My boyfriend’s father lives in London so we’re hoping to make a trip if time and money permits. Here are my favourites from London’s Fashion Week for Spring 2013:

1.Preen Spring 2013  2. Burberry Spring 2013

3.Mulberry Spring 2013

1. Preen

2. Burberry

3. Mulberry

What will you add to your Spring 2013 wardrobe?