W2W: To the Market

Every Friday, I go to the market with my boyfriend for breakfast. I usually work on Saturdays teaching at a heritage Saturday school and never get a chance to attend the farmer’s market, as it is only run on Saturdays. This Saturday, I don’t have to teach because of the March Break, and am looking forward to a morning at the market.  The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is one of my favourite places to visit. I can remember being there as a child during the holidays, munching away at the free samples. They’ve got great meat, fruits and vegetable vendors and great places to eat (Buster’s Sea Cove, being my favourite). I find that it’s always best to be comfortable when at the market and to bring eco-friendly shopping bags. My go-to market outfit is almost always boyfriend jeans, loafers, sneakers or moccasins, and a comfy t-shirt, tank, long-sleeve or sweatshirt (depending on the weather). Here’s at look at what I’d wear:To Market
Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

What’s your go-to farmer’s market wear?

W2W: A Rainy Day (Part Two)

Rainy days always emanate a comfortable and cozy vibe. Waking up this morning was difficult, but it was one of those days where wearing leggings or jean leggings and a long cozy sweater was appropriate.

Here is what I like to wear on cool, rainy days:

Cheaper option

  1. H&M, Jumper, $22.95
  2. H&M, Blouse, $14.95
  3. Forever 21 Zippered Leg Skinny Jean, $27.80

Total: $65.70

More Expensive

  1. J. Crew Collection, Cashmere Plaited Sweatshirt, $188.99
  2. Topshop White Shirt, $40.00
  3. Hudson Jeans, Nico Mid-Rise Skinny, $154

Total: $382.99

When wearing a cozy jumper/sweater, I like to pair it with a crisp white shirt left untucked as it provides a relaxed look. I usually wear a darker coloured sweater, but to brighten up a gloomy day, I might wear a lighter colour (mint green, blush pink, tiffany blue).

I also love wearing leggings. I usually use this same look, but instead of wearing jeans, I wear these.

What’s your rainy day outfit?

Om a Yogi: Part 1

Moksha Yoga is one of my favourite ways to de-stress. I used to go almost everyday, but now, am only able to go three times a week if I’m lucky. You definitely sweat a lot, but it’s a great way to force yourself to drink water (great if you have bad water drinking habits, like me). Yoga clothing is often expensive, especially if you only buy Lululemon (like me). I’ve put together three hot yoga options that I’d wear, with three different prices:

Joe Fresh H&M

  1. Joe Fresh Yoga Short Short, $19
  2. H&M Sports Bra (Medium Support), $14.95
  3. Joe Fresh Racerback Tank Top, $8

Total: $41.95

Victorias Secret

  1. Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Short, $39.50
  2. Victoria’s Secret Pro Sports Bra (Maximum Support), $49.50
  3. Victoria’s Secret Studio Tank, $39.50

Total: $128.50

Lululemon Expensive

  1. Lululemon Ebb & Flow Racerback Sports Bra, $48
  2. Lululemon Groove Short, $48
  3. Lululemon Cool Racerback, $42

Total: $138

What do you wear to your hot yoga class?

Leather Up!

I’m looking for a pair of leather shorts for the spring/summer season. I love how they look when paired with a crisp white blouse , a white tank tucked in or with a low v-neck black shirt. Spring weather is usually quite chilly in Toronto until May, and I think blazers are great for this type of weather. I really like the look of a short, tailored blazer with shorts and shiny flat sandals; it exudes a bold, but feminine vibe. Here’s what I’d put together:

Cheap Outfit

  1. H&M Jacket, $69.95
  2. H&M Blouse, 14.95
  3. Forever 21 Faux Leather Shorts, $21.80
  4. Forever 21 Metallic Faux Leather Sandals, $17.80 (I used these sandals here with this outfit as well)

Total: $124.50



  1. Wilfred Festin Jacket, $195
  2. Alexander Wang Split-Back Bib Shirt, $380
  3. Reed Krakoff Nappa Leather Boxer Short, $1590
  4. Clio Metallic Leather Sandals, $185

Total: $2350

There is a huge difference in the total price between these outfits and I’d prefer saving several hundreds of dollars on the shorts. With the money I’d save, I could buy another pair of shoes to wear with this outfit as well; maybe something like these or these.

Often, I prefer wearing flat shoes (almost always). I’m not great at walking in heels unless they’re the platform or wedge style. I’m only 5’5, but sometimes enjoy feeling taller as if I’m a model with long legs.

What would you pair with your leather shorts?


Bold and the Beautiful

I grew up watching Bold and the Beautiful with my grandparents and I still occasionally watch it with my grandmother if I’m free at 1:30 pm. I always enjoyed watching it because of the fashion and dramatic story lines, but now just take in the fashion.

Looking through trends for this spring, I’m happy to announce that the classic black and whites are of course still in for this season. Timeless pieces as always. I’m a big fan of wearing black with white and I’ve fallen for these vertical striped black and white jeans. Here are two similar outfits that I’ve put together with two very different prices:

Bold and the Beautiful Cheap

  1. H&M White Blouse, $14.95
  2. Forever 21 Vertical Stripe Skinny Jeans, $29.80
  3. H&M Gold Necklace, $14.95
  4. Steve Madden Vicktem Booties, $159.95

Total: $219.65

Bold and the Beautiful 2

  1. Equipment Button-down Blouse, $345 *
  2. Paige Denim Striped Jeans, $245
  3. Salvatore Ferragamo Gold Chain, $330
  4. Giuseppe Zanotti Gaga Booties, on sale for $649

Total: $1569.00

Both of these outfits are very similar. I’d tuck the white blouses into the striped denim jeans and wear the gold necklace over the collar of the shirt. I love the look of platform black booties with denim and think this creates a bold, but beautiful finish to this outfit.

Would you splurge or enjoy the savings and go for the cheaper option…or just pass because you don’t like this outfit? I’d love your feedback!

* Check out the Equipment blouse. Don’t you just love the scalloped edges alongside the buttons?